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Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

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Thank you Sara! You are such an amazing friend to Lisa. She is lucky to have a great friend like you. Thank you so much for posting. Lisa is family to us too, as you can probably tell. I was so happy to hear how much better she is doing. She will beat this and we will all be here cheering her on.


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Hi Sara


Thank you for the update on Peanut....I too, am glad you were able to be with her. She's constantly in our thoughts....hope your arms can hold up....you'll need to be doing alot of 'hugging her' for all of us! ;) ;)

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Sara, Thank you for the update on Peanut. I am so very sorry that she has to go through all that. I'm just glad that she is such a fighter, I'm sure, with time, that she'll come out of this better than before. My best wishes to her and to her family and friends that are helping her through this.



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Lisa continues to make big improvements everyday. Her vocabulary is increasing and she can say the names of many of her friends and family she can also say " help nurse" and "shut up"! She can answer questions with both a verbal yes and no and shaking her head and has started making several word sentences. In speech therapy today she said everything the therapist asked her to say. She is gaining increased control of her body and strength. She can roll over, push her self up in the bed, cross her arms, lift her arms over her head and has been sitting in a chair and standing for increasing periods of time. She is still in the hospital but has been moved to the 15th floor. Tomorrows they will do another swallow test and then hopefully they can remove the trec if she passes. She is still on Oxygen but less then before the transplant and her lungs really seem to be making progress. She has started laughing and crying and is just as expressive as before the strokes. She is definitively our Lisa with a very positive attitude and hard work ethic. All the doctors have said she is truly remarkable and has made more progress then they see most people make in 6 months. Lisa's Mother will arrive for a visit on Thursday and she is very much looking forward to it.


For those wondering who I am, Lisa and I have been best friends for going on 8 years. We met in community college when we were both in the honor society. I live in Washington State and used to live down the street from Lisa and her now husband who wasn't yet Lisa's friend or boyfriend at the time. I live in Seattle and hope for someday Lisa to return to Washington so we can be close in proximity to each other again. Lisa is not a very political person and I have always been one but politics have never gotten between us. I am the scheduler for a congressional campaigner. Everyone at the campaign have been so supportive in this very difficult time and Lisa has delighted in learning about how real people run for office and try to make a change for the better. Lisa has always said she would vote for me and that I will run for office someday. We'll see about running for office but it is good to know I will always have her support.


I plan to read Lisa the comments from this forum tomorrow so please keep sending them. She really seems to enjoy hearing from people. I am no longer in Chicago but I talk with Lisa everyday and am hoping soon we will be able to have a two way conversation. But for now I get lots of yeses and nos head shakes and smiles. I jumped for joy when she said my name to me on the phone two days ago. She made me SO happy!


More good news to come!

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Hi Sara,


Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Lisa's progress! Please tell her I miss her -- we all miss her -- and give her some extra "Warm Hugs" from me and all of her buddies at sclero.org. She is our ISN Artist, you know...and her perky attitude and delightful paintings really liven up our whole forum.

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I had a 41 year old friend who sailed through heart surgery today to fix a hole in his heart. I'm so glad to hear the additional good news about Peanut, too. Sweet dreams for me tonight!



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Lisa, I am happy to hear that your recovery is speeding up. We all want you up and happy and healthy again. You still have so much unfinished business to handle. All that artwork is waiting for you. Things that make you happy, friends and family are all waiting for you to pull your strength together and make things happen.

Sara, keep us informed until our peppy peanut can come on and tell us about the ordeals she has had to over come. We need to hear about her as she wants to hear from us. Tell Peanut we are all hand and hand around the world surrounding her with a giant virtual hug. The biggest softest hug that will encourage her quick recovery. Sara, stick around you will learn so many things that will help you with others in the future. Thanks for sticking by Lisa in her greatest need for support and love.

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We can't thank you enough for keeping us updated!


It is great to hear you making huge strides in your recovery! You are a fighter, strong and determined...don't let anything get in your way. I am pulling for you and I think about you all the time!




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