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Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

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Thanks so much for the update Sara, we are all eager to know how Lisa is doing. It's such good news too, her progress is remarkable (I work with stroke patients so I know how slow progress sometimes can be).


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What fantastic news! I hope that each day will bring her more strength and improvement! Please give her a hug and tell her I am thinking of her and anxiously awaiting the day she can be back on here and also pulling for her to get rid of the oxygen for good.


Thanks and warm hugs,



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Sara, what a wonderful frined you are ~ Lisa is a very fortunate person to have such a loving friend.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us up-to-date, it is very comforting to know how well things are going.

Much love,


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Two days ago Lisa moved into the Rehab Institute of Chicago for a a

couple week stay until she can walk on to the airplane to come home.

She gets three hours a day of intensive therapy and then is able to go

out for outings. She is walking with a walker, taking showers sitting

down, feeding herself, going to the bathroom. She is really getting

stronger everyday. She is still confused and disoriented, her vision

isn't so great and she is still very tired but all this will continue

to improve. The doctor said within 6 months to a year no one will be

able to tell Lisa had a stroke! She is expected to make a full

recovery and her lungs are still getting stronger. They won't know if the Scleroderma is in recession or gone for at least a couple more months but it really looks like the transplant is working. This is great news

and she will probably be going home to Arizona in two weeks. I am

planning a trip to see her in about a week and half. I am assuming she

will still be at the RIC but if not I will go to Arizona to see her.

She will still need lots of help when she goes home but boy has she

made progress in the last two weeks.

I can't wait to see her. I am so excited to have a conversation with

her in person and give her a big hug. Thanks for all your kind words of support! We sure do need it. Sara

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Sara thanks again for the update, it is wonderful news that her recovery is continuing so well. The fact she is out of hospital and in the rehab unit is fantastic and that the transplant seems to be working.


Give her my best wishes for a continued recovery.



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