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Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

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Can you believe the number of people that have been keeping up with Peanut?

She is so loved and cared for by many.


Peanut called me Saturday night!!! I could not believe I missed her call...and when I returned it I got her voice mail. I did leave her a message though and I sure hope to talk to her soon. She sounded A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!


And you know Peanut, she sounded happy! This is one of the many reasons we love her.



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I too, wanted to express my thoughts on how MUCH she is a fighter. I've not been on here long, but am amazed by EVERYONE'S spirit. Peanut will and has given ALL of us so much thru she ongoing beautiful soul. I , for one feel blessed to have heard all the stories about her and her loving husband. I do look forward to reading more! So glad her mom is coming!

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Oh Peanut...it is SO GREAT to see you post. You have been so missed...you really have.


I surely hope that you can give us an update, if you feel up to it...on how you are doing.


We have all wondered and have been so concerned.


May you be feeling much better and able to be here more often.

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Hi Nan,


When you're reading forum messages online, look in the light green bar that is just above the body of each message. There it gives the message date. You'll see that although this thread about Peanut started a long time ago, we try to update on her condition in the same thread, so that new members know who we're talking about.


So, currently, she is doing okay. At least, she is out of the hospital. It is extremely difficult for her to talk. They are moving this month, to be closer to her mother. She loves and misses all of us.

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