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Hi everyone.Lately I've been having a lot of jaw pain and was just wondering if anyone here has similar symptoms.In my last post I mentioned it briefly but did not elaborate.


The symptoms can be best described related to temporomandibular joint syndrome,but don't know if they associated with systemic sclerosis.However,other symptoms related to the jaw such as bilateral mandibular resoption and small mouth are common in systemic sclerosis.


When I awaken in the morning its very difficult to fully open my mouth.I can open my mouth,but not to the full extent.The best example I can give is if you go to the dentist and he asks to open widely.When I try to open it completely I can feel pain on both sides of the mandible near the temporamandibular joint and ringing in the ears.


Now it feels like it takes alot more effort to even talk and have a decent conversation.As soon as I begin to talk my lower jaw starts to hurt on both sides.Occasionally,I have to take a break in the middle of a conversation because of all the jaw pain and exhaustion from using it.It seems like its very difficult to even finish a sentence.I constantly mispronounce a few words and sometimes have difficulty saying them.Sometimes my throat will start hurting at the same time while talking.


Occasionally,I can feel alot of numbness and pain in the area simply at rest.When I try to open my mouth after its well rested I can feel alot of restriction and stiffness in the beginning.The best example I can give is as soon I wake up in the morning and open my mouth to brush my teeth.At the same time when I look in the mirror I can see that my mouth is small when I try to fully open it.It should open higher.It feels like the joints that allow my mouth to open (temporomandibular joints) are not working properly and are restricting the mouth from opening higher.


So basically I looking here to see if anyone has similar issues.I'm assuming that my jaw symptoms are the just the beginning of the stiffening process.I imagine soon I won't be able to open my mouth at all.

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I think these jaw problems are related to the Systemic Sclerosis. I have also had some issues, but not nearly as bad as yours. For me it is mostly at the dentist. I had been thinking that I would give up on having my teeth cleaned. It seems ridiculous that a teeth cleaning can wipe me out for the day. However, my dentist suggested using a rubber wedge to prevent me from straining so much to keep my mouth open. This helped a lot with the pain.


I suppose one could use one of these wedges for brushing as well. Not much help for talking, I guess it is a good thing that we can all type.

keep on smiling



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I have recently started having a lot of problems with jaw pain. It hurts to open my mouth in the am. It hurts to yawn. It seems to come and go in intensity and symptoms. Sometimes the pain is horrible. I am not sure what is causing this.




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Hi Manny,


I too have jaw pain, stiffness and fatigue. Can't chew gum anymore and yes, hard to open in the mornings too. I dread the dentist! ACK! :P


I do gentle stretching exercises in the shower while the warm water flows through and over my mouth. It feels good and does help to loosen things up.


Gentle mouth stretching exercises, a couple times a day is also helpful.


Jefa gave a great link to info.

Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi there. Gotta say I have the small mouth syndrome & TNJ which sometimes can cause migraines should anyone need to know! I too try to stay away from the dentist & am the only patient who DOESN"T have to FLOSS due to the tightness/overlap of my teeth. No one who knows me believes that I have a "small" mouth :lol: One time my jaw got stuck open and that wasn't good either!!! So no matter how one tries there's always gonna be one more crazy thing that's gonna happen to us! :rolleyes: Barefut is right - gentle stretching will keep the muscles/tendons moving which should make a difference in your daily experience! Hope this brings a smile to whoever reads!

Soft hugs your way,



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I can relate to some of the jaw pain, but my other jaw symptoms seem different, my jaw/face/cheeks feel like they're stiff & tight as if I was in a pressure chamber or something. That's the only way I can come up with to describe it. It is like all the muslces in my face are contracted as tightly as they can be but at the same time feels like my face is going to explode....lol. Maybe it is sinus stuff...who knows.


I hope you get to feeling better. I see the dentist tomorrow & am NOT looking forward to it. I don't know if my mouth is smaller on the inside, or if that is possible, but when I brush my teeth, I am constantly crashing the end of the toothbrush into the back/sides of my mouth... that didn't used to be a problem & I don't have a bigger toothbrush before.


Oh & YES on the migraines with the jaw, I ALWAYS get a migraine after the dentist.

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