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Hi, I was wondering if you might know how to word pancreatic concerns to a doctor? I have bp ranges in the 80/50-100/60 range, erratic low sugars (36-44), problems with ingesting sugars/di and polysaccharrides and certain high protein foods , and I feel like I am repeating this info. to doctors but it is getting pushed under the scleroderma umbrella. How can I help my doctors see me as a whole package and not just an "anxious" scleroderma patient? I'm really frustrated!

Sincerely, Juanita

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Hi Deedee,


I noticed this is your 2nd post. Welcome to the forums. I usually have the opposite problem in that my doctors tell me, 'everything isn't necessairly sclero related'


But whether your symptoms are sclero related or not, are they taking your concerns and symptoms seriously? They should be looking into it regardless of its origin.


I am not familiar with pancreatic complications so I don't know how you could word your concerns regarding that specifically. Have you tried telling them your concerns just like you have told us here? I think you have said it perfectly.

Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi DeeDee,


If you think it's pancreas related go see an endocrinologist. That's their area of expertise and are usually very thorough in their exams. My understanding is that sclero can be involved in any part of the body, but not everything that happens to one who is diagnosed is sclero related. I had a blocked liver duct that wasn't necessarily related and in turn experienced pancreatitis we found out later. Apparently the pancreas is one organ that if it isn't acting up when tested it doesn't necessarily show up on results. That's my two-cents worth!

Soft hugs your way,



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My mum has pancreas involvment. Her doctor, thankfully, picked up on this, and she now takes a medication that contains digestive enzymes that the pancreas normally produces. This simple med makes a *huge* difference for my mum.

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