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Barium swallow

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So, my Dr. hasn't said I have Ssc, but he ordered a barium swallow because I keep having problems swallowing or stuff feeling like it is just sitting in the back of my throat & at night when laying down, it goes up my nose & then burns the next day like it would if you choked on water in a pool.


Anyway, first thing the Radiologist says when he walks in the room is, "Scleroderma huh?" I'm like, "What?" He repeats as he looks down at my chart, "You have Scleroderma?" I told him I don't know, I have symptoms of, but a negative ANA. He said that happens & that Scleroderma is often hard to diagnose.


Anyways, Thankfully the test looked pretty good while he was doing it, I don't know if he looks at it more later or not. He said just a little bit of something going on, I don't remember what word but I'm guessing it was something along the lines of reflux.


My confusion is that I asked him then if he had any suggestions as to what could be causing stuff to go up my nose, that I can't swallow down, while I'm laying down... He says, "Well usually when a patient compains of that symptom we see it right away but I just didn't see it."


So NOW what?? It just made me want to cry... I mean, it isn't that horrible of a symptom because it isn't every single night I have to deal with it.... but it's the stinkin' story of my life the 2 years... how can it not show up?!?!? Maybe it is coming from my sinuses? Argh.

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I was experiencing the same symptom as you, two years ago when I first got SD. I also had the barium swallow and had the same results a little something at the top but nothing more. I learned to control it by taking previcad prescribed by my rheumatologist, limiting the amount of water/fluids I drink (this was more important than what I ate), watching what I eat - no greasy foods and eat very small portions and not eating after 7 at night. All the combined items have worked for me - it is not easy to stick to but I do because I fear the worst at night. I tried all of the above without the daily (take it around 10 am) Previcad but it did not work as well.


Hope this helps.


Diffused Scleroderma

Diagnosed Dec/06

First Sympton Nov/05

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Hi there,

Read up on reflux. There's a ton of advice there (on this site) for dealing with this symptom. Often it's one of the first scleroderma symptoms to show its head. Over the counter you can get zantac in 150 mg. Take it before bed with a tiny amount of water. Avoid food and drink for three hours before bed and sleep with two pillows. That should help. If not, I'd ask the doctor for a prescription. There are several and you may need to try a few before you get relief. This is a scary and yuckky symptom, I hope you get some help.

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Sorry you're so frustrated. It's never easy when you have symptoms and no one can verify! It's like that for most of us if that makes you feel any better.


For the reflux another thing you can try is to raise the "head" of the bed several inches. My doctor originally said something like 8 inches, but we found ourselves sliding off the bed at night! So we reduced it until we weren't sliding and that made a big difference for me. The pillows are good except for me I don't stay up on them ... must be that sliding thing going on! Anyway, that was one of the minor adjustments that helped me!

Soft hugs your way,



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Hi love, I'm sorry you're having this symptom. I have it also but find that it gets worse and then better. You've been given some good info, I find I have to take my nexium at night now for it to work and nothing to eat or drink after 7. Don't you hate the diagnosis run around. You wonder what they are not telling us. I took my son to the dermatologist a few years ago and while I was there she looked up at me and said, "you don't have many wrinkles". I knew right then that my G.P had asked her to check me out too while I was in there.

Take care,

Hugs, Piper

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As always, you all come through for me with the best support & it makes me teary! I had such a bad night on Tuesday night, my day stunk...being tired from no sleep & pain & spasms didn't help... the EMG was incredibly painful but came back with good results...I liked that part.


THEN, I went to the Dentist (HOORAY FOR GOOD DR.s) & I smashed one of my spazzy toes on a curb & pulled the nail back... I went to sleep last night with it still spasming & throbbing.



BUT the good news is that when the dentist got done working on my teeth, he asked his assistant for a ruler, I was practically crossing my fingers hoping he could see what I felt when he worked on me. He did, & said he was putting it in my chart so that when I come back in 6 months he can compare. I was hoping that he could see what I was feeling when he cleaned my teeth; Last time I was at the dentist, pulling on my lower lip didn't pull my nose down, practically closing one side off...lol.


I am taking protonix, after trying prilosec. I will get another pillow for sure & not eating in the evening is something I need to stop doing anyways so this just gives me an extra reason. THANK YOU!!!!

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