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botox for gastroparesis revisited

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I went to gastro doctor today and we reviewed the results of the scan and I definitely have gastroparesis. The antibiotic that is commonly used is the only antibiotic that I am definitely allergic to. Reglan is also used, but my doctor says that he has seen it cause depressive episodes and depression runs in my family, so I won't even consider it. Besides I had a short course of it before and I did not notice it helped with anything. The other med recommended is not available in the US, but is available in Canada, which is ok with me, but it causes breast engorgement and lactation. I am way past considering that something I want or need. Besides, there is breast cancer in my mother's family and I do not consider that a reaction from a med. that is acceptable to me. So all that is left for me is Botox injections inside my esophagus at the junction where it ends and my stomach begins so food leaves my esophagus and gets processed as it should be in a more reasonable time frame.


Although Botox is not approved specifically for this purpose, it has been used for this purpose for years. Has anyone had this done? How long has it lasted and how do they feel? Did it help?


At this point I am ready to feel less nausea, stomach aches, chest pains and al the stuff that goes with gastroparesis - I can't see a downside. Am I missing something?



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