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Hi everybody,


I went to my niece's wedding yesterday evening in Indianapolis. The reception was in the banquet room at a German restaurant (sp) called The Rathskellar. Instead of formal dining, there was a buffet. Everything was VERY good, but there were 2 items I thought you all might like.


One was a seasoned (not hot spicey) salmon pate' on sliced cucumber and the other was a stalk of baby asparagus with a slice of ham wrapped around it. They'd be soooo easy and fast to make!! Wish I could think up these kind of things. Guess what I'm taking to the next family gathering??


Now I've made myself hungry.


Take care,


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Another quickie is to take a slice of nice rectangular sandwich ham, line one edge with cream cheese and put a long slice of refrigerator dill pickle spear. Roll up, stick several toothpicks in to hold together then slice between the toothpicks. Makes a lovely crunchy bite.

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You guys have to realize that my imagination is lacking in the food department. I was raised on cereal, green salad, scrambled eggs, and bologna sandwiches. :P


However, jefa, you just turned on a light bulb. I'm gonna have to make a stop at the grocery store!!!




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