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There were so many reasons I pushed myself to write this story. It's about having strength, determination, perseverance, hope and love for my young daughters that kept me hanging in there. I wanted to share that experience with others and I always did like a challenge. Thank you for the support!




I came up with so many titles. I settled on this one because it was different. Thanks.




My nieces are older, in their late 20's and they read it not realizing what I went through emotionally. It really opened their eyes to a side of me they would not have known. (I've always had a close relationship with my nieces and nephews.) If we can share our knowledge and experience with those around us, especially the younger generation, it can give them a different perspective on life.




You can absolutely send it to me and I will autograph it for you. James Patterson, hmmmm, I like the sound of that! I'll always be one of you. I can't wait for you to read it and give me your opinion! :unsure:




I hand wrote it in a red, old, 1997 outdated calendar book which I brought with me everywhere I went. When it came time to input the story into my computer, I tapped away at the keyboard with my two thumbs as fast as I could go. I learned the fastest two-thumb typist in the midwest! I wasn't too demanding on myself and reminded myself to take breaks.



Thanks everyone for your kind words of support!!





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Speechless! My friend -- Well Done! And there's me pondering about writing a book and look what you've done -- amazing!

I hope you become an established author, even just one book can become famous Y'know!

I wish you ooodles of luck.


Best wishes go to you.


Love Barbara xxx

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I read where you mention about you writing a book and I thought "Absolutely, hands down". Your work reminds me of Erma Bombeck. Thank you for the best wishes! Thank you for letting us see the humor in our daily lives.


I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.


Keep your stories coming!



Bunches of hugs,


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Congrats Razz,


I am so happy for you and it's wonderful that you were able to write a great book and get it out there.


I finished reading your book last night and you really are an insperation to all us. You are amazing for being able to put what you went through into a book, that will give insight to this disease to so many people.


Great job

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Cheryle and Becky,


Thank you for your wonderful support and well wishes!




Thank you for your comments on my book! I am hoping doctors will read it and gain some insight into this disease and what we go through. Hopefully, this book will encourage them to explore other possible treatments or give them a better understanding of this misunderstood disease.




I missed your comment about my signing the book. Sure come on over neighbor. Or, if you'd prefer, mail it to me.





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Congratulations! Wow! What an Accomplishment! I will add it to list and will be sure to read it. I love the title. I am in awe of you in that you were able to commit to such a huge undertaking. I really admire you and I'm hopeful that what you were able to put into words will indeed help all who treat this disease to have a bird's eye view of what we go through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as I know it will in some benefit me so for you to do that for me I want to thank you!


Warm hugs,



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