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Millionaires Shortbread

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Hope I'm doing this right! This recipe I have had for over 30 years and do not know its origin but it is good.


Millionaires Shortbread (Chocolate Mallow Short bread)


Shortbread Ingredients


7½ ounces plain flour [all purpose flour]


6 ounces butter


3 ounces castor sugar [superfine sugar]


Sift flour & sugar together. Rub in butter until thoroughly combined and smooth Press into a greased & lined tin (30 cm × 10 cm [12" by 4" - a seven inch square cake pan would work], my tin is an old toffee tin) pierce over surface with a fork. Bake in the oven Gas reg 3 or 160°C [350° F] for 30 minutes until golden.


Allow to cool in tin.


Toffee Ingredients


4 ounces sugar


4 ounces butter


2 tablespoons of golden syrup [corn syrup will work if you can't find this]


1 small can of condensed milk ( or ½ of a large tin -- take the top off & gently pour until you can see the top of the bottom of the tin, a tip my sister gave me)


Put all ingredients into a pan on a low light light to melt & dissolve sugar. Then boil until toffee coloured, stirring all the time for about 10 minutes. Pour over shortbread and allow to cool & set. (Don’t over cook because it will be too hard to cut)



3 ounces of chocolate, milk or dark cooking chocolate ( you can use more chocolate if you wish) Melt and spread over the toffee. When cool cut into finger sized bars.





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MMMM sounds yummy!


I just baked 48 cupcakes for my girls bday party tonight so I will not be cooking anything else for a few days. :)




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