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For those with reflux issues ... a recommendation

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Hello all,


While I have been pain free since my stem cell transplant and my skin has improved dramatically, some of the lingering issues I have had have been reflux, bowel issues and an inability to keep weight on and get all my strength back. I have brought this issue up with doctors at every visit and my meds have been switched up constantly to try to deal with this, to no avail. Despite raising my bed and not eating after 7, I would still wake up 1 sometimes 2 nights a week with a hacking fit and acid in my throat and rumbling in my chest. About 1 1/2 months ago, my wife scheduled an appointment with a Nutritionist. Frankly, at first my thoughts were, if a doctor cannot figure this out how could a nutritionist possibly help me. While my wife would say one of my biggest faults is refusing to admit when I am wrong, I am turning over a new leaf. Boy was I ever wrong. My nutritionist has really turned things around for me in a matter of weeks. Simple suggestions like snacking more, staying away from dairy and fried foods, telling me the best vegetables to eat, suggesting vitamins , probiotics, fish oil, etc. etc. etc. I now keep a food log along with how I am feeling and any stomach issues I am having and bring it in to her and we talk about it every week. It has truly been remarkable what has been accomplished in a few short weeks for a problem I have been dealing with for over 2 1/2 years. I suggest a nutritionist strongly if you are having similar issues. I am not certain if insurance will cover the cost, but I find it to be worth every penny.

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Thank you for sharing this information. Would you mind sharing the veggies your nutritionist recommended? I was wondering if yams, and veggies that cause inflammation, would be bad. Do give us some tips, please? I asked my rheumatologist about it once and he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Well, so be it, maybe I have :)


For the vegans in the group, flax seed oil is a good choice instead of Omega oils.


Thanks and so glad you are doing well!



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What a great idea! My husband has been trying to get me to do that but I have some mechanical issues I need to resolve first. I am due for my botox procedure in mid-August and after that is completed, if I am still suffering I think that I may just try the nutritionist route. It sounds so simple and yet so beneficial. A great way to find relief without pills and tests! (Of course I will never admit to my husband that he may have been right all along - he will become impossible to live with and will insist that I listen to everything he says about everything!) In the meantime I would love to know which veggies are on the "no no" list and which are suggested. I do not eat meat or fowl in any form and do eat fish so any suggestions that you can pass on would be great for me to try in the interim.

Thanks for sharing that and of course, I will not tell him a man suggested it to me!

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Thank you Dave,


GI problems are also high on my list of nusances. I have to say though, since I started taking a multi vitamin and fish oil, everyday, months ago, I have had a lot less what I call "bathroom days" and I have been able to throw away my map of convienent restrooms around town :lol:


I knew fish oil was good for vascular health but had no idea it would help bowel issues too. Now that you have mentioned it, I am supposing I can attribute my imporvement to that.


I will ask my rheumatologist about a nutritionist at my upcoming visit. If insurance would cover some of the cost, it sounds totally worth it.


Thanks again and glad you are feeling better :)

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Thank you for the information. I too suffer with reflux and avoid putting "anything" in my mouth after 7pm. I haven't had an attack where I have had to use my GI cocktail for a month or so now and I am so thakful. My problem is I have no appetite at all and am not able to eat anything as I get so sick to my stomach, so like you I am really losing weight.


I live in a really small rural town and I don't even think there is a nutritionist around other than maybe at the hospital. I'll have to ask my general doctor at my next visit. I too would be interested in what vegetables she thinks would be good for us to be eating.


Thanks again and...


warm hugs,



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I was told to stay away from broccoli, brussel sprouts and tomato. On the other hand, I was encouraged to eat squash, carrots, asparagus and collard greens. I am sure I was told why, but frankly the why's kind of go in one ear and out the other. I remember what works and what doesn't. I was also told not to eat raw vegetables but only cooked vegetables. Of course, these recommendations were made for my specific issues and some were made not necessarily with reflux in mind, but other dietary issues. RTS, I think it is too soon to conclude anything regarding the weight issue, but at least I have remained for the most part stable this past month, staying within a 5 pound range. The nutritionist wants me to put on at least 5 pounds. Hopefully, the snacking will help with that. My appetite is not what it used to be, so snacking a small bit during the day helps. If I eat small amounts during the day, it is not much of a problem. I basically take little baggies of cheerios, crackers and small fruit cups(apple sauce, pears) to munch on throughout the day. I keep some peanut butter at the office for the crackers. I am also told the snacking helps with the reflux, as well, as their is more food in the stomach to sop up the acid during the day, in very layman's terms. Once again, simple suggestions, but ones that definately seem to have made a difference. I also had a big problem finding a drink that worked for me. Soda is no good because of the carbonation and tea is no good due to the caffeine. Most of the juices were too high in acid and I have to stay away from milk because of the dairy. I don't like drinking water(although I know I have to) so I was really stuck. The nutritionist suggested getting nectar and diluting it with water. It has worked tremendously. Barefut, I don't think the fish oil was suggested for the bowel issues, but rather for other general health issues. Anyway, I hope some of this helps.

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Hey Dave - Thanks!

These are all great suggestions! I hope they continue to work for you.

I eliminated dairy about 8 months ago, but it wasn't due to reflux. It was due to the chronic post nasal drip; however, now after reading your posts, I realize that my reflux hasn't been bad, except for when I do cheat. It's been so hard giving up that good cheese! But when I do cheat, the PND becomes a nasty cough, which turns into reflux and throwing up. OK - I'll try to be better from now on.


I, too was told to eliminate raw foods and heavy grains (whole wheat cereals, brown rice, etc) for another digestive problem. That has helped tremendously!!!!!

The nectar is a great idea! OK - That's on my list to try next. We're always tweaking things aren't we.


Thanks for sharing such great information.


Big Hugs,

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This is an interesting discussion. I also went to a nutritionist (for my parents to offer moral support). We ended up taking two of her courses at a local university and my daughter also attended the second one. Our eyes were all opened and it was extremely beneficial to each of us for different reasons.


Please remember that as David and others have said, the advice given to him was based on his personal situation. While it is interesting to compare notes, there are potential dangers in making dietary changes based on someone else's experiences. This came home to the four of us (my mom, dad, daughter and I) as we were each given different advice, all based on the same basic nutritional guidelines, but geared for our particular circumstances at the time.


Here is our page on Scleroderma and Diet for your reference.

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Thanks for the reminder that each of us has special needs that will require a fairly individualized nutrition plan. There are some things that are known to cause reflux in just about all of us - alcohol, caffeine, (and dare I say it chocolate! - although for me that is like one of the major food groups!), but we all have other issues that require specific nutritional review and a game plan designed just for our specific needs. It is however helpful for me to hear about foods that are on a "hit" list so that I can try elimination of those certain foods to see if they might set me off.


I know that when you suspect you have an allergy to something in your diet you eliminate that food ( and sometimes you eliminate an entire groups of foods) and see how you feel. If you start to feel better you slowly add back foods to see if you react. With my horrible reflux it would not hurt me to find some trigger foods by trying to eliminate acidic foods, alcohol, uncooked veggies, caffeine, and yes, even chocolate. Once I have my Botox procedure procedure for the gastro paresis and I make the change in my eating pattern by eliminating some triggers, I hope that finally my gastro-intestinal system will calm down and I will get some relief and some rest. I don't really drink, I do drink iced tea, but not much coffee - only when driving and I need to stay awake - I don't drink soda, so the real elimination will be uncooked veggies and chocolate! I should probably see a nutritionist after the procedure to deal with the specifics. Hopefully by then my whole system will be working better.


I am pinning a lot of hopes on this "experimental procedure". I figure since it is the only thing I can do it has to work! I am also trying to get the doctor not to waste any of the stuff, I have some little lines on my face that I want to show him, while he has me under I won't feel anything, my forehead could use some of the stuff!

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