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Restless Leg Syndrome

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Hi Shari ~ I had Restless Leg years ago. I was on something that was used for seizures, can't remember the name. It didn't really help and I'm not big on taking pills, particularly if they don't "really" work.

Wish I could help you more. My RL has gotten better, although now I have neurapathy in feet and legs. Also have Raynauds and Crest Sclaro.

I'm just learning a lot about all of this and LOVE the idea of sharing with others. It's amazing how much you can learn.

Good luck with the RL ~ I know it's no fun.

Much love,

Nina (DE)

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Hi Nina,

I started with RLS in my teens and it has gotten progressively worse. It came to live with me permanently in my 30s (I am almost 48 now). Currently I take Requip but before that I took various l-doping agents (used in higher dosage for Parkinson's and seizures) - and one of them (Carbidopa) I have found reference to as being a CAUSE of SSc. But the references stated that it was causal when used with a particular diet supplement (can't remember the name now as I didn't take it). So was getting curious if Carbidopa alone or with other things could be implicated. Not that it matters where it came from - as someone else says "it is what it is" but being early in my diagnosis and search I am actually hoping that I "caught it" and it isn't genetic!


I'm glad your RLS is gone - as I hate it - it controls my life after 7pm - ugh!


Take good care,

Shari (Mutsy)

Shari (AKA Mutsy)

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Shari, my mother has RLS. I have a mild case at the moment. Nothing as severe as my mom. As being genetic I haven't checked into it. But, my mom's has gotten progressively worse over the past two years. Mine is just starting. There is 30 years difference in our ages. She hasn't been diagnosed with Scleroderma but has almost all the same diseases and symptoms as I have. Humm!

Strength and Warmth,



Sheryl Doom

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Chat Moderator

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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I have RLS and have for years and years. Never knew what it was called until I had my first sleep study and it was documented and diagnosed then. I take Requip 1mg 2 hours before bedtime. It has been a life-saver!! My pharmacist was surprised that it helps me, he seems to think it doesn't help with RLS, but it did wonders for me!

Peace :)

Barbara aka relicmom1

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