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Why Are The Posts Reviewed ?

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Hi Katherine,


The old MSN Board was also moderated (i.e., messages had to be reviewed before being posted). This forum is a free service of the International Scleroderma Network (ISN) at www.sclero.org. The ISN is a nonprofit international patient and medical organization that delivers top notch research, support, education and awareness for scleroderma and related illnesses. All messages posted in the forums must meet the guidelines which support the ISN's international and nonprofit mission.


Warm wishes,


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Hi Katherine,


In addition to the non-profit status, it's a matter of safety for all of us, and one of the first messages I posted was rejected due to the fact that I'd mentioned something that the board hadn't verified medically. They have since checked it out, and has been posted in the medical section, but you don't need to have people posting potentially harmful info.


The other thing that was mentioned to me is that some cruise the boards looking for people on narcotic meds and try to "buddy up" in order to get them. That could be very dangerous for some! I'm glad that things are reviewed for our safety, in addition to making sure the site isn't shut down due to violation of the non-profit guidelines.


Best wishes,


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