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Sinus Infection Or Something

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Well, got back from Mexico on Wednesday and got sick Thursday night. I had scratchy throat, dry cough and stuffy head with head ache that hurt sooooo bad. Today, day three, I threw up dry toast. I've since only eaten pop sickles. I think that since there is some drainage and such a head ache, I should see a dr. tomorrow, given that I already have a weak immune system, having been on Cellcept for almost two years. I just don't want something to go left untreated.


It must be sinusitis...which would explain the headache that won't leave.


I also went without supplemental O2 in Cabo and maybe not such a good idea. Another friend mentioned migraines I could be having.


Am I being a baby for going to the dr. with a sinus infection? I have ILD too.



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Hi Jen,


I hope you had a great time in Mexico, but I'm sorry you're in "more worser" shape now. It's my understanding that anyone on immunosuppressives or on oxygen (not to mention, both at once) should see the doctor at the very first sign of a possible infection.


It's quite likely to be a common cold that they can't do anything about -- but it's really not up to you to make that judgement call, since it could be something else entirely or you may need to go on preventive antibiotics.

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Hi Jen,


Welcome back. I am glad you had fun but sorry you are now sick. I agree with Shelley.....call the doctor right away. It is best to let the doctor make the judgement call on whether it is sinusitis or something else and what to do. Please keep us posted and let us know how you are doing.


Warm wishes,


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Ditto Darling - Call the doctor first thing in the morning.


Good for you for enjoying life and having what sounds like a real blast! I'm sorry all that fun made you ill, but if you get it taken care of quickly it shouldn't get any worse. So are you going to post some pictures? I want to see the one of you dancing on the table. :lol:


Let us know what the doctor says.


Big Hugs,

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