Calcium Deposit Infections

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I have never had the same problem, but I have had some experience with wounds - my husband has turned himself into road pizza. When this has happened he has walked himself out of the hospital and has come home to me for wound dressing. I have used a product that is usually used in burn centers that is now available to the public called "second skin". I highly recomend it if your infection is open or you are trying to keep the skin cool. The product is actually a gel on a scrim that you put directly on the damaged skin and then put the special tape dressing over it. It keeps the skin moist so it heals without scarring. My husband needed it when he was in a roller blading accident and when he fell off of his mountain bike. Both times his wounds were very abrated snd had dirt and gravel in them. I used an antibiotic under the second skin.


The point is that the product will both cushion your elbow and if it is open help it to heal without getting more infected. I don't know if it is exactly what you need, but it may be worth trying. It is very soothing. I wish you luck and hope that you find some relieft. It sounds like you are suffering and I hope that we can come up with something that can make you feel better. Let me know if you try it and what you think about it. Best wishes for a solution and for you to feel better!



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Hi, bookworm and Snowbird

Regarding the manuka honey, our page on Digital (Finger Ulcers) gives us the following:

NZ manuka honey wound dressing wins approval from US authority. Bee products company Comvita says its patented "advanced wound care dressing" has become the first using manuka honey for wounds and burns to receive marketing clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration. Wound-care products using the honey have become increasingly valuable, as they have also been effective against some antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. The New Zealand Herald. 07/25/07.

Warm wishes,



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It sounds like you've been given a wealth of information here. I've had a few issues with calcinosis in the past but none were infected or had to be removed. I had one in my thumb that kept coming back. I would pick it out (not recommended, very painful). Eventually the skin closed up and the calcium deposit never came back. I also had a few small acne size calcium deposits on my face that left pockmarks, like chicken pox does. Like Susie, my episodes were minor compared to what I've read here.


Your calsinosis sounds very painful. I hope with all the fantastic suggestions you've been given, you find a way to get them treated so you can heal and not have any more pain.


Keep us posted on what works for you.



Gentle hugs,




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Thank you everyone, for all the advice and ideas.


My elbow is doing better mostly on it's own (though dealing with a DIFFERENT deposit breaking through now ugh!), it gets a little heated once in a while but doesn't seem to inflame so that's a good sign, although the stiffness tends to come and go still.

I am definitely going to ask my doctor about some of the medications, I have yet to make it an appointment.


As another question, do you notice inflammation, or calcium deposits break through the skin because of stress, or anxiety? I'm wondering at this point if it has anything to do with that, since the past few episodes of severe inflammation have come at times when everything was just hitting the fan.


I'm also a little apprehensive about the colchicine from what I've read online about it, what side affects have you experienced if any?

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I am an extremely allergic individual and I have not experienced any problems with colchicine. I was wondering, you keep mentioning "stiffness" of your elbow comes and goes. Are you sure that isn't from the skin tightening itself? I know I've had that for about a year and I barely notice it anymore which makes me feel it comes and goes but in reality it's always there.



It is what it is...........

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When it gets a little cooler our, or breezy my elbow just feels stiff. I move it around a little more and it feels better. Definitely odd, the rheumatologist doesn't seem to be concerned. The stiff feeling was followed by both of really bad inflammations I had by a week or two. I don't see any skin tightening, and it doesn't feel like that on a regular basis.

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