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Little Blisters On Hands

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hi everyone,a friend of mine whom also has scleroderma,but doesn't have access to a computer called me last night and was telling me she is getting little blisters all over her hands,she said that when sthey bust there is yellow pus,but they are not sore and do not turn into an ulcer.i have never got those before ,so I told her I would get on here and ask if maybe you all have got these and what are they?thanks for any input,she will appreciate it..memeto2(melissa)

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Hi Melissa,


I'd tell your friend to get to a doctor! I get itchy little blisters, but nothing that oozes, and that sounds like it could be serious. Even if it turns out that the blisters aren't the main problem, the fact that they open up leaves her susceptible to infection, if she doesn't have one already.


Best wishes,


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