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Limited Doctors for Medicade / Medicare

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After talking with several people on permanent disability and getting either Medicade or Medicare, one complaint that always comes through is that there is limited or virtually no participating doctors in these plans in areas remotely near to the disabled's home.


My sister-in-law is now in the hospital for severe lung problems and my brother called last night with the same complaint. He has Medicade, and not one doctor in the hospital will accept the insurance.


My neighbor had Americare through Medicade with the same problem and switched to Humana only to learn there was one doctor in her area who was Family Practice (not what she needs). The rest of the doctors were in another state!


Anyone have similar experiences. Gets me a little nervous about availability when I get on Medicare. Definitely have to get a supplemental policy. AARP has one, but I believe you have to be 65. I don't think they give to disabled and under 65. I'll have to research that a little more.



It is what it is...........

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I have Medicare as my primary and kept my former job health insurance as my secondary. So far I haven't had any problems with Medicare not paying for any procedures or being limited to doctors. I imagine living far from medical facilities would pose a problem, let alone being limited to participating doctors.


My secondary health plan has come in handy and picked up payment for procedures not completely covered by Medicare. I am not familiar with Medicaid and I feel bad for your sister-in-law who is having lung problems. I hope they were able to resolve the insurance dilemma.






Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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I only know that when the time comes and I'm on Medicare, if I decide to do it but more than likely will, I too will be taking a good supplement out that will pay the 20% Medicare doesn't. In order for the supplement to cover though Medicare has to pay the first 80% first. Otherwise the supplement won't pay at all. You would think that every doctor would at least take Medicare. I can see them maybe not taking Medicaid but Medicare is something totally different. I will be checking the next time I go to the doctor to see if they take Medicare. I'm sure just a phone call to their billing office would suffice? Good for you for checking all of this out.


Warm hugs,



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