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:huh: This a crummy deal all the way around the board, tru.


I just wish you hadn't made an offer and given them the food for thought to ruminate over for a few days...at least until the HR person had gotten back.


Of course, I know I'm probably talking out of school and maybe this would be as good as it gets...for you.

No doubt, they will write off the rest :angry:

The "little guy" is usually the one who suffers.


Comforting Hugs for you.


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I can only imagine the people on that conference call realizing they messed with the wrong disabled person! I'm glad you let them know how you felt so they couldn't pull one over you. Good for you!


I do wish the balance was zero though! :huh: I'll start playing the IL and IN lottery and if I win I'll help you out! :)





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