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I'm not sure what to think?

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Hi Tonyia


I hope you feel some tid bit of relief for all the tests they are running on you in amongst your fears. I know it's really hard, but also try not to scare yourself silly while you wait....so in other words, try not to fret at least until you know for sure that there's something to fret about ok (I know too well easier said than done :o but...). Keep asking your questions too, there's always someone here who can help. I hope you stay in touch and keep us posted on your results next week. Take care!

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Tonyia, thanks for letting us know you went to your appointment and didn't flee. Your doctor will give you results and give you possible options on different medications that can help ease pain or swelling or possibly rectify some of your problems. If you have different autoimmune problems doctors work on helping you with the symptoms. We can't make the disease's go away and we don't know what has caused us in particular to get these diseases. We can learn to cope and go on and go forward and help each other on our down days, weeks or months. Do keep us informed and get your thoughts together that you can get through what ever is thrown in your lap.

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I'm glad to hear you went to the doctor. When you go back you might want to take someone with you so you have another set of "ears" to hear all the doctor has to say. I was by myself for the first time when I got my bad news and I know once she said that I had sclero and not a very good outlook that I didn't hear the rest. I was devastated and so overwhelmed I didn't even ask questions. This way someone can also be taking notes as they sometimes throw so much at you it's amost too much. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Warm hugs,



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Hi Tonyia,


I am really glad to read that you've seen a rheumatologist and that the tests have taken place.


I hope they reveal some answers for you and your dr, because proper treatment is an important step to feeling better.


I really empathize with you and how you are feeling, but as many have mentioned in their posts, being your own advocate...if possible, having someone who can help take in the informations you will be hearing at appointments...is very helpful.


My best to you...I'm anxious to read what your tests reveal when you find out :D




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