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Good to be here!


I have had a smallish, (about the size of a BB) hardish, whiteish bump under the skin on my forearm for many, many months, only bothered me above the eyebrows (in my head - ha!) ;)


Well I woke up this morning and now its a bit larger, warm to the touch and a little red around the edges.


Anybody ever have one of these?


Isn't this site much neater?


Love it! :wub:



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Hi Barefut,


It might be a spot of calcinosis. Or a sliver from a fall you took 10 years ago...whose to tell except a doctor?


I had two egg-sized tumors in the lymph gland in my head decades ago. It sounds so serious, doesn't it? Well, it was a very silly thing. It turns out that bits of gravel had gotten under my skin from a car accident when I was in 9th grade. The gravel worked its way up to my head, got trapped by a lymph gland and formed two tumors....in the manner of a pearl.


The moral of the story is do not ever ride on the back of a car wearing only a swim suit and holding onto an inner tube while the driver takes a curve at 40mpg on a gravel road.


Hey, does it look like gravel in there? :blink:

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Guest Sherrill

Hi Barefut,


I have a number of calcinoses on both forearms, (also on my shins, fingers, and toes. 25 in all at last count!!) The description you gave sounds very like mine. I have found they "hang around" for ages, then they suddenly decide to make their presence felt! :o


You have to be careful they don't become infected if that is what you have. However, I've found the doctors are pretty laid back about mine, and short of removing them surgically they haven't offered any other treatment. I have a few which are discharging white, gritty stuff (calcium), so I just keep them covered and apply Betadine (iodine) to stop infection.


But certainly see a doctor if only to check what it is.

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