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Methotrexate and Vaccinations

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Hello everyone!


My mom just started taking Methotrexate last week. Tonight will be her second dose of 10mg.


My son and I (for college) just got MMR (measles, mumps, ruebella) shots yesterday, and the doctors are recommending that my mom have NO CONTACT with either of us for 1-2 weeks. My son's ped doctor said 7 days, and mom's rheumatologist said 14 days.


Have any of you ever had to stay away from family members due to this kind of situation?





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Hi Crissy!


Did the doctors give reasons why you should stay away from your mom? Is it because after getting immunized there's a possibility of passing on your symptoms, like fever or temperature, to your mom? I'm curious. After my stem cell transplant, I had to get re-immunized with all my immunization shots. None of my doctors mentioned anything like staying away from certain people. Should be interesting to hear from others familiar with this.







Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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