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I am afraid I can't help regarding benefits etc and trust some of the members who do have experience will contribute.


I just wanted to say congratulations and I do hope you do get married and it has no financially adverse effect.


It's my 11th wedding anniversary today, can you tell I love marriage?


Take care



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It shouldn't effect any disability payments, but I'd let them know of your marriage. If you will be covered under your husband's medical policy, I think it would effect the Medicare. Maybe Smurf can add to this.



It is what it is...........

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I think you ought to call the medicare/medicad place. My brother girlfiriend can't get married to my brother because of something. Its just not worth her loosing her medical benfits. So they live together which I know alot of elderly people doing that now days for the same reason. Good lUck and Congrats if you do get married. Sam


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yeah I figure that's going to happen I might lose medicare benefits since I am very young & can get a covered medical insurance from my future husband if he has health insurance.

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Congratulations on the prospect of getting married Graywolf14!


Whatever you decide I am very happy for you! I would call the social security office in your area or even the national 800 number and someone there can give you a better idea how marriage would affect your benefits. With a chronic illness, we have to make sure we have complete medical coverage.


Best wishes!






Amanda23, Congratulations on your 11th anniversary!

Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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Congratulations! With regard to your marital status chaning your medicare benefits I don't think it matters. You have these benefits as an individual under your own social security number. You can elect to go under your husband's insurance if you would like but I wouldn't drop medicare. The government pays your part A and you pay the Part B which is $98.00 taken out of your Social Security check. Then you can also carry a supplemental policy that will pick up the 20% that Medicare doesn't cover. This is where you may want to have your husband's insurance kick in if this would be offered to you and you are eligible even with your health status. Then there's Medicare Part D which is the prescription coverage and this again is maybe where your new husband's insurance if available to you would then pay for your prescriptions and you don't get a Medicare Part D plan.


To be safe call your social security office and they will confirm all of this for you.


Good Luck and again Congratulations! How Exciting! I've been married for 35 years and he has been a gem through all of this sclero stuff with me. Marriage is a blessing that's for sure.


Warm hugs,



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