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Muscle Twitching

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<<I never heard of the "Nitro" angle, but I sure will suggest it>>


Hi Nina ,


The nitro pills really did help Gareth whenever he was hurting so bad. He would hold his heart area and say how bad he hurt but his heart scans, etc., were all normal so they decided they were esophageal spasms. Within a few minutes of taking the pill, he would say "it's all gone." A few others have *chimed* in and said they have benefited from them, too. After he started on Plaquenil (about 3 months), he's hasn't needed the Nitro pills.


Take care, Everyone.


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If not, there IS another in Finland and her name is Tiina. I gave her links that included this one and think what a coincidence. Tiina is also about your age.


I am a newbie in chat here. Just got here tonight actually but I bet I know some here and just don't know it YET. lol


I also have twitching. It happens most at night and I have no control. It usually moves a limb and most of the time it is legs or feet but it happens some with arms and hands.


Cynthia in Bama

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Shame, I hope that Tina may write me an email so I could talk to her and ask more about Finnish healthcare etc. Small world.....


After I been in this site I already know that at least two Finnish people plus me who have this disease.


Strength and hugs for you all!!


It is also bean great that everybody has been so nice and helpful. I really do feel like I´m belong here too.... whit the people who

care for others.

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I have experienced the same tightening as you along with muscle twitching which can be very bothersome! And just to let you know ... my husband is 1/2 Finnish last name Maki! Huva Tuta!!!! I know very limited Finnish & always had hoped to learn before my father-in-law passed! However, that didn't happen however I do know a couple of words (obviously) and do make some recipes! So it really is a small world!


I'm sorry that you've gone through so much with the doctors but they aren't a whole lot better in the US sometimes. Many people - including myself - have been told we're imagining the symptoms or it's depression or it's something. I tested positive & was then told it wasn't Sclero then it was then it wasn't and now it is again. I have lung, intestinal & some skin tightening (mainly in my face/skull) along with small mouth (even though no one believes me!)


I'm glad you found this board and are comforted somewhat by those here who really care and all the good information you will find! I have found my doctors listen a whole lot more to me when I am aware of what is happening, could be happening or has happened and that all comes from reading and asking questions of people like those here who KNOW what we're all going through!!!


Welcome, welcome, welcome and best wishes sent your way!

Soft hugs your way,



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