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Wound Care Visit Today

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Went for my weekly visit today, and again things are progressing nicely. If you remember, a while back he had brought up using collagen as a filler to fill the remaining void in the wound. I gently reminded him again, that the problem with my disease is that I build up too much collagen. The nurse chimed in quickly and said "yes doctor, I read that on the internet". I added that if he would like, there is a specialist of CREST and Sclero at the nearby university and gave him her name. He seemed extremely interested and wrote it down, saying he would contact her for additional information if necessary.


I was impressed by the nurse cruising the internet to learn of my disease and more impressed with the doctor for accepting the reference of a specialist of this disease in an effort to heal my situation.


If it just take one of us to educate one nurse and one doctor, think of how that could multiply as that one nurse and one doctor starts discussing the case and disease with their peers? More awareness will bring a quicker diagnosis and proper medication from the get go. I think my knowing my disease as I do, and explaining it to the doctors I presently have on my team, I'm a little more confident of the treatments I receive. I have yet to meet someone in the medical field who hasn't openly said "what's that?" other than my rheumatologist. I find they are eager to learn and what better to have, than a live, speaking specimen? ;)



It is what it is...........

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How refreshing - medical personnel who want to learn and don't try to bs their way through your visit! Glad to hear that your appointment went well and that you are healing nicely. Keep up the good work!



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That's great Tru and I'm glad you are progressing with your wound care. I too get the warm and fuzzies when I can educate someone about this disease and they are receptive to receiving the information. I saw a nurse practitioner in my primary's office after being diagnosed with GAVE. I told her what it was and she noted it in my file. A couple of weeks later, I got a note from my primary advising she wasn't familiar with it so she did some research. She also included some additional information on GAVE that she found. It really does help when you have partners in the medical field who actively take an interest in you and your care. Thanks for sharing!!

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Hi Tru,


It certainly is comforting to know that the people we count on to help us take care of our medical problems, care enough to take the time to learn more about them. Both of my doctors are that way.


Glad you're doing so well.



Love makes the world go around!

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