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Yellow tongue anyone?

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Hello everyone,


I am happy to say that I have finished my third course of antibiotics for bacterial overgrowth and am feeling so much better. I still don't eat alot of food though and just have soup for dinner, I am worried if I start to eat normal again I will have problems. I have scheduled a breath test for 3 weeks.


Since finishing my antibiotics I have noticed a yellow tongue :P , I thought It was thrush so I got oral drops (Nilstat) from the chemist. It still hasn't gone. I had to go the doctors this morning to get more scripts and I mentioned it to my doctor, she had a quick look and said it's not thrush and not to worry. She did say though that I looked extremely dehydrated and to drink more fluids and that my tongue looked very dry.


Anyway, I'm just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this and what you used to get rid of it?


Many thanks


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Hi Celia,


I often have a 'coated' yellow tongue. if yours is the same as mine, you can try cleaning it well twice a day. They have a little tool called a tongue cleaner that scrapes the build up away. It's probably from a combination of medications and dehydration. Since you have digestive troubles, that also can be a cause. The tongue scraper is a little gross, a lot of debris will come off, and be sure to use it gently. Start as far back as you can, it can make you choke, but persist. Gently drag the tool forward across the tongue and you'll see the yellow stuff collect behind the tool., flick it off in the sink and do it again till the tongue is clean. Then brush your teeth, and use mouthwash. Persistence should make the job easier as the days go by. Drink a lot of water, we are often dehydrated. Best of luck,


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