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Update with bowel/gastric problems!

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After taking 3 Imodium on Saturday after numerous trips to the toilet, things started to settle down , or so I thought, on Sunday, I ate small meals and seemed to be doing okay This morning I woke up with severe bowel pain again, up to 15 times again in the toilet with diarrhea and also a small bowl ready, on hand as I felt like vomiting. I managed to speak to my GI doctor this am, and told her I would not be eating again as I couldn't take anymore. She advised me to go to my local doctor to get a full round of blood tests and to get another script of antibiotics , in case it was bacterial overgrowth. I am to see my GI doctor on Wednesday this week.


I have a dilemma though, my breath test is in 2 weeks time, I am supposed to stop taking any antibiotics two weeks prior the test. So, it may mean having to wait until after my breath test until I start antibiotics.


This afternoon I have had no more trips to the toilet, I am only drinking fluids and terribly weak and dizzy at times. I might try and not eat anything for another 24 hours to clear out my system, and then see how I go with soups.


Thanks for listening

Celia :(

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I am going through the same thing now for the last 3-4 weeks, although not as seriously as you. The Imodium seems to do nothing. I'm running about four times a day to the bathroom; not constant diarrhea, but it's as if whatever liquids I drink come out then, as opposed to the normal route.


I'm trying to figure if it's the Vitamin D I started at the time, or my weaning off the Predisone. I have a general practitioner appointment for Thursday, but figure I'll try to get in today or tomorrow. I don't feel drained in that I'm keeping up with the fluids and Potassium as part of my daily routine.


Keep us posted and I the same.

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Oh my this sounds terrible - I am so sorry that you're going through this. I've not experienced this but my words of advise are to ask a pharmacist if you might be taking some combination of things that is causing the problem. And they might even be able to point out something different then Immodium that would work better.


I recently added a pharmacist to my "team" and am absolutley AMAZED at the difference it has made!


Good luck,


"no longer expecting my doctors to be chemists!"

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I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. I was mis-diagnosed with Celiac Disease for about 5 years and during that time anything, and I mean anything, that I ate would go right through me. It was to the point that I had to be near a bathroom if I was going to eat or watch out. Now it's the opposite and I hardly go at all. What I so worry for you is the possibility of dehydration. There is only so much the body can take in loosing that much liquid so please be careful. If you need to go and get IV you should. That could be the reason you are so weak and dizzy. I sure hope you get over this as it has to be horrible.


Warm hugs,



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Hi Celia


I'm also sorry to hear you're having such a rough time...I agree with Peggy too...you need to worry about dehydration if you can't keep anything in and are weak and dizzy. Please make sure you get some help quickly and don't let this go on long ok. Take care.

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Oh boy Celia. You are having such a time with this. I too am worried about you getting dehydrated. They say you can tell by pinching your skin (if you're able to) between your fingers. If your skin stays in a pinched look then you are dehydrating. Try to drink some gatorade or something that will help replace the electrolytes. I heard the lighter colored gatorades (clear and yellow) are best (no dyes like the red or purple). I hope you feel better too.


Tru, I hope you get better soon as well.

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I'm in the same boat as tru...most days.


As smac0719 mentioned...It's really important about the electrolytes. If you have something that can replenish your electrolytes, that would be great!


I sure hope you begin to feel better soon. In the meantime, I hope you get the help you need!


Big Hugs,


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Thank you so much for all of the replies, it's great to know that we can support each other in our time of need.


I managed to eat a slice of toast last night and toast this morning, so far so good. I went to see my local doctor and he examined me, he doesn't think it is gastro or anything. I had a blood test taken for everthing and won't know the results until friday. I shall update everyone then.



I am still very reluctant to eat food, for the first time in days I feel a little hungry, I hope this is a good sign. I'm sure I will find out tomorrow morning whether I can keep all of the food in.


Take care


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Ohhh Celia,


Toast is good. Start out slow and bland. Fluids are most important. Try to keep it clear and work your way up. If you drink gingerail or anything carbonated, stir the bubbles out. Hope this goes away soon if not you may need some IV's. Keep us posted and hope you feel better and stronger soon.



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Both of you need more than just wait! Enough already! I have a few old time mommy remedies:


1. When my kids were little there was a prescription drug that helped them, but it is no longer on the market. Discuss medication in detail with the doctor because you have to be careful not to slow the system down too much and have things slow to a dangerous level but you cannot dehydrate either!


2. When they were going through all this they were put in the BRAT diet - a name I will never forget because it was so appropriate in so many ways! B-bananas

R - rice


T - toast and crackers (dry)

and to fend off dehydration water, pedialyte, jello water, flat ginger ale, kool aid (low on sugar), weak tea, and ice pops. No juice unless you really watered it down because it would set off the runs again . My husband also takes electrolyte supplements - made to replace electrolytes for athletes who do long distance biking and lose a lot of sweat and with that, electrolytes. If you can't stomach anything but water taking electrolytes -- with your doctor's permission -- may prevent needing an IV full of them.


I am so sorry to hear about what is happening to you. Your doctors need to take action and help you find relief so it stops before it is downright dangerous! Feel better soon!

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I woke up this morning to another round in the toilet,2 hours straight this time,my poor son who is 4 years old was waiting patiently for his breakfast.

It took me forever to make him a slice of toast, as soon as I had popped the toaster down I was running to the toilet again.


I did a bit of research on the internet and found the gastroparesis diet, which isn't supposed to go beyond 3 days. I get to eat dry crackers with salt in them, 3 times a day, clear broth and clear fluids. I go and see my local dr tomorrow for the blood test results and my gastro next wednesday.


Smurfette, your BRAT diet is very similar to the gastroparesis diet, thanks for the advice.


My sister in law's mother inlaw, has sarcoidosis, she has severe gastroparesis, and has been vomiting constantly for months now. She was morbidly obese and now is like an anorexic, this is a terrible disease.


Thank you everyone


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