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Lab results back 1 is high, rest are fine.

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My Neuro from Wayne state University called on Friday said tghat my anti-cardiolipins are high but that she isn't sure why since I haven't had any miscarriages or blood clots (that we know of). My husband had a vasectomy after our 5 yr. old was born and you have to be able to get pregnant to have a miscarriage.


I did have eclampsia & a sizure in labor with my 5 year old and read that APS can cause multiple sclerosis like symptoms (which is what my regular Neurologist keeps looking for) as well as other Neurological symptoms & Livedo reticularis (the reason this new Neuro ran the cardiolipin test).


Another thing is heart valve issues, particularly the mitral valve. 2 years ago a Cardiologist said I had minor right mitral regurgitation.... wonder if that is related.


Anyways, no solid answers but she's looking further into it and reminded me that some people, like her friend, go years with a negative ana and that she'll let my primary physician know that it is not fibromyalgia. She said to see a Hematologist in 2 montha & retest the anticardiolipins. The anticardiolipin screen was high 2 years ago as well.

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Are they going to do a lupus work up on you for apl? I have had positive anticardiolipins x 3, 3 months apart. My rheumalogist said she was not going to work me up for lupus apl. They don't treat it anyway unless you have a event like a DVT or stroke. Not a nice prospect. When things show up positive I think they should keep on it which I will mention to her tomorrow. You really do need a advocate to go with you to some of these appointments. I could never have children or carry them long. They told me it was because of an incompetent cervix from DES syndrome. Who knows.


I'm glad they are working you up and finding some answers. Keep going, the answers will follow.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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I had the same thing several years ago. I also never had any blood clots or miscarriages. I also have mild tricuspid and mitral regurg. This yr I had pericardial thickening. Other than that nothing else happened. The blood work eventually went back to normal. I heard that thos antibodies can come and go. Take care




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