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My son, who is in Afghanistan, was home on leave in August. Apparently he and his wife were on a mission and mission was accomplished.........................I am going to be a Grandma for the first time. Yesterday was Grandparent's day too!!!

He is supposed to be home for good in December and I sure hope they don't hold him longer so he can be around to enjoy the pregnancy.


What a reason to beat this disease. I have to be honest that a part of me worries how much of this little one's life I will be around to see but hopefully a long time. I have an appointment with the oncologist coming up and it's such a worry. I also have been so sick lately that it's always a worry on how healthy I will be. I plan to enjpy every minute.


I know that this isn't really sclero medical related but I thought good news is nice for a change.


Just had to share. Thanks for listening.


Warm hugs,



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Congratulations Peggy!!!! and congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law!


Darlin' - I think we'll all be around a lot longer than we think. It's the good things in life like babies and grand babies (and lots of other things) that keep us hanging in there.


Big Hugs,

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It's great to hear of your wonderful news! Being a Grandma is the best thing in the world for me. I have just one and she was just 6 months old when I became ill, but when I see her smiling face, nothing else matters.


I look on the bright side... I did have to sell my business that I loved since I couldn't work any longer, but now I have so much more free time to play with her that I wouldn't have had.




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Congrats! to you. Also your family and son's wife need congratulations. You will be one happy lady when your son is finally home for good. It is always wonderful to hear good news. I hope you had some fun times when he was home for his two week leave. Cherish your memories.

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