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Did pregnancy/birth start your scleroderma?

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Have any of you experienced that scleroderma/Crest started during a pregnancy/after giving birth. I want to have another child, and the reumatologist told me I could with no risk. But I have read in here that for some of you it all started with a pregnancy. Since I have the anti-centromere in my blood (but still no symptoms of sclero.), I don't want to take a risk of starting Crest by getting pregnant.. But the rheumatologist said there was no statistics about this.. He would not advice me to give up having another child.

What are your experiences?

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Hi Rainbow,

That's a good question! We have a whole section on Pregnancy and Scleroderma. Also in our section on Causes of Scleroderma, Fetal Cells are an item of research.

But we can't control for everything in life or avoid all possible hazards. If your rheumatologist doesn't see any particular risk for you, I'd say, go for it. (Bear in mind of course, I have no medical training at all, and study all the documentation to make your own decision.)

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Hi rainbow,


I was not able to have or carry children and I still have scleroderma,(cREST). I had cREst for many years prior to cREST. The disease has no boundaries. The starting point is uncertain should it develop into scleroderma for you.


Read as much as you can about it and talk more to your Doctor.


Best to you.



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No one knows why scler develops or what effect pregnancy has on the disease. Your doctor did not advise you against getting pregnant. The next step would be to consult with your OB/GYN or to get an appointment with a high risk OB/GYN and speak with them and see if they foresee any problems with a pregnancy under your particular circumstances.

If none of the doctors. say that a pregnancy would be dangerous for either you or your child then go for it! You want the child and if the consensus of the doctors is that you will be ok then why not? I would read as much as I can find about pregnancy with your disease and what you can expect. I would also take very good care of myself and eat well, rest and do everything you need to do under normal conditions to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Having a child is a wonderful experience and we have a limited window in which we can have them. Once menopause hits you are out of business, so find out if all the doctors are on board and go ahead with your plan. A child is forever, pregnancy is for 9 months. If your body can take it and you want to do it, good luck! I hope you have a joyous, easy time!

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