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Hi Mary,


I know what you mean, I miss her too! In fact, I just spoke with Heidi several months ago. She's been very busy working in her husband's business, it is a lot of work getting it off the ground. She had anticipated that, which is why she retired from ISN to tackle that. She had very considerately worked hard on finding a new manager for us (Jefa) and trained her in beautifully, so we didn't miss a beat in management of the forums.


She was thrilled to hear that a research study had been done, which highly lauded our Sclero MSN group (now Sclero Forums) and the research authors had, quite rightfully, been very impressed with her responses to members -- as well as all the member responses, too. It was wonderful being able to celebrate the great news together and take a trip down memory lane. I'm sure she'll be back...once things settle down.

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Thanks a lot Shelley,I'm glad you talked to her and that all is going well with her.I'm sure she is pretty busy with her husband and I wish them all the success in the world in that pursuit.I bet that is a full time job too.So thanks for letting me know I really appreciate it alot.Tell her hi for me next time you'll chat.Hows your son doing in Houston now?Has the power come back on where he is?I certainly hope so! love and hugs Mary

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Mary, I really appreciate your asking about Heidi. I've thought about her often and also wondered if she was okay.

I'm REALLY relieved to have read a response from Shelley about having spoken to her, even if it was a few months ago.


She was such a positive presence here, that I've also missed her greatly.


Thank you for your post, Shelley...I can breathe easier now! :rolleyes:





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Thanks Mary, Susie and Emmie. I am sure that someday Heidi will read this and it will just warm her heart all over again. Like all of our support team, as well as our members, both past and present, I don't think she has any real idea of how much she made the sclero world a better place through her steadfast caring, concern, and helpfulness.

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