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A Wonderful Holiday Present

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Hello All,


I am sitting here in the computer room of the hotel I am staying in in North Carolina awaiting my shuttle to the airport to go home. I came here on Wednsday to begin phase 2 of my screening for the Scot Study. The testing was completed yesterday about noon and at around 5:00 pm I received a call from the coordinator of the study at Duke and was told I was accepted into the study. Better yet, I had already been randomized, and was randomized into the stem cell transplant arm. I tentatively am scheduled to begin the transplant process in the middle of January. I am so happy, grateful and excited to have this opportunity to try something that will hopefully make me feel somewhat normal again. I know there are no guarantees, but there is always hope. I couln't have aked for a more wonderful Holiday present. This is what I have been working towards for many many months and it has finally arrived. With all the excitement also comes alot of fear. Fear of not knowing what this whole process will bring is difficult to deal with. I will be away from family, kids and job for extended periods, something I have never done before. Nonetheless, I know I am doing the right thing. I wish you all the best for a wonderful holiday and may the new year bring much improved health for you all.



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Hi Dave,


Thanks for letting us know. That is wonderful news! I am very happy and excited for you.....however, I certainly understand the trepidation that goes along with it all. Please do keep us posted on how you are doing, etc., as often as you can. Sending you wishes for a happy holiday and wonderful new year!


Warm wishes,


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Hi Dave,


Congratulations! I hope that all goes well with your treatment. I know its a good news/bad news sort of thing, as in good news you qualify, bad news, you're sick enough to qualify...good news you get a chance, bad news its always a risk. Here's hoping that everything works out well for you!

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I also congratulate you, Dave. I know I would feel exactly the same way, with the time involved and whre family, etc is concerned. Yet, what a wonderful opportunity for you! I'm sure that once you and yours have talked this over, you all will feel better.

In the meantime, I wish you the best with everything.


Hugs, Susie

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