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Cellcept and Liver

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Hi Clem,


I'm a poster from a ways back, but very infrequently in the past year or so. I have taken cellcept since June 2005 and have not had any problems with liver toxicity. My bloodwork is done every 8-12 weeks or so.


I started at 500 mg increasing to 1000 mg. prescribed for scleroderma. I was eventually increased to 2000 mg for a neurological disease. The only problem I had was that I became neutopenic (completely wiped out my immune system), but liver functions remained just fine.


Hope this helps.



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Thank you Emmie ;) . I hope that all of your labs continue to be normal.

Mine have been fine up until the last two, so I'm currently not taking Cellcept.

I've been taking it for 3 1/2 years.


Take it easy and have a great day.



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I hope your liver functions improve, Clem. If they do, will you begin taking cellcept again? Your doctor will probably want to see them "normal" for at least two consecutive tests, right? Mine got out of whack from a different drug (this was before I was taking cellcept). It took a couple of months before the numbers were back into the "normal" range. My liver functions had gotten quite high before they were caught, though.


Why was cellcept prescribed for you? Obviously it was helping you....in what ways? It seems like it is a wonder drug for some people and for others it does nothing.


Nosey emmie :rolleyes:

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Thanks for telling me your valuable information. I am taking Cellcept mostly for my lungs. The were down to the 50s and 60s. I don't have skin involvement, although I will beg to differ at my next appointment. My finger tips feel how others describe theirs, like they have super glue on them in places. They feel rough, hard, and almost like I've lost sensation when I touch them.


Back to your questions...I don't have a game plan yet. I will call the nurse in a week if she hasn't contacted me, and I assume I will get more labs at that time. I wonder if my recent knee injury has anything to do with the release of these specific liver enzymes. The body DOES work in mysterious ways. In the previous month leading up to the abnormal tests, I had stopped taking Cellcept, took Versed, 2 different antibiotics, a lot, a lot, a lot of Ibuprofen, about 8 prescription painrelievers and dental block medication. I bet you are exactly right, I will need to be off Cellcept for a while, but hopefully not forever. My nurse/Dr. know all the meds I've been on and do not agree that they are causing my liver function test to be off. I guess they are the smart ones when it comes to this and know how to take all the blood values into consideration.


I'm trying not to worry about it just yet...but was bummed when the second one came back weird. I was reading labs can be off for minor reason, like the band around your arm being too tight when the blood is drawn!


If you don't mind me askin (nosey Clem) what drug elevated your liver enzymes?




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