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Boniva, Reclast, and bone density (DEXA) results

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We talked about all this before, and I said I'd post after the results were in from the latest DEXA. Because it was a different machine, the doctor wasn't willing to swear to it, but it looks like a year of 3-monthly Boniva infusions has at the least prevented any more loss of density and possibly improved things the tiniest bit.


I recently was referred to an endocrinologist and she wants me to switch to Reclast, she seemed to think that it was the more effective medication. That'll happen in December, the insurance company being willing~


I do know I haven't had any more fractures - they did an X-ray to check because of ongoing back pain. (I didn't mention I'd recently spent several weeks heaving large and heavy pots of trees and shrubs around! :lol: )



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I just had Reclast and my doctor and my sister the doctor both preferred the Reclast as they believe that it is more effective for building bone in both hip and spine. I will not know for another year when I get the DEXA scan. I hope that they are right because the idea of one infusion for 15-20 minutes per year instead of one a month sounds fabulous to me! I did not have much of a reaction either so if it does its job it is a great success! Now I am waiting to see what my insurance company does because so far it is rejecting payment as an experimental procedure. Let the games begin!

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My rheumatologist has me doing Forteo. It's supposedly the only osteo med known to actually build bone. It's approved and everything. I give myself a tiny injection every day, kind of a pain, but no big deal. You do it for two years. Maybe instead of battling the insurance company and doing something that may or may not work, why not go for the sure thing? just my 2 cents...


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