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Heart Catherization

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I just found out today that I have a blockage in my heart. I had a nuclear stress test last week and it showed up in that. I have to have a heart catherization.


Have you had this procedure? What can I expect? Do you think it is sclero related?


Thanks in advance for your help.

ISN Artist

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Hi miocean,


So very sorry you have a heart blockage. I don't have one nor have I had a cardiac catherization and can't give you any first hand advise. There are sites on the web that give detailed information on both heart blockage and heart catherizations with step by step details. This site probably has information on what is sclero related. I know they use cardiac catherizations to rule in or rule out pulmonary hypertension and is the only conclusive way to diagnose it. Sorry don't know what the heart involment entails. I've read so much I should know something but nothing comes to mind to help you.


Please keep us posted and keep in touch.


Will keep you in my thoughts.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Hi Miocean,


I've had three stents placed in two years. "They" don't think it's sclero related, but my cholesterol is nice and low so who knows.


You will go into the hospital, and they will give you versed, a kind of twilight sleep thing, you'll be awake the whole time. (probably). They will talk to you and put you on a smallish cot, drape you in sterile wraps and keep you warm. (It's very cold in the OR) They will shave your pubic area in the crook of your right leg. And then insert a catheter up the blood vessel in your leg up to the heart area. They will inject some warm contrast solution, you'll feel like you are peeing all inside your body, you're not actually peeing, don't worry, it feels good. (to me at least).


Then they insert a balloon angioplasty thingy up inside the catheter, and they balloon the clot out to the sides of your artery wall. Then they put in the stent, a kind of scaffolding inside the newly cleared artery to hold back the plaque that was a clot.


They will put pressure on your leg, to keep the bleeding down and you will have to lay flat for about 4-6 hours and not move your right leg at all.


You'll probably go home in one or two days and feel fine. If you want more info, just ask, I've been there and it's not so bad. Best of luck,


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