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Can I be ill and happy?

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Yes I really think you can. I am more happier now than I have in a long time. I think I look at how Sadie was so happy and when you heard her voice you can tell it. So I wanted to be like that. And now I am . Of course with the help of some medicine. Sam


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This is a great article and a good question to ask ourselves. Is it possible? Absolutely. We can choose to focus on the positive side of things or turn a negative into a positive. It is work and requires practice. I've noticed (since I don't work) I've lost a sense of time. It doesn't have the meaning it did before or control my day like it used to. Thank you for finding this article. It is a great reminder of the blessings around us! :)




Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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Hello All,


Interesting article.


It was very important to me that I did not make a mess of things because of what had been allowed to come my way, the SSc diagnosis. I wanted to manage it and the huge changes to my life with integrity, honesty and most important of all (in my opinion) a real sense of fun and humour.


We and our illness don't live in isolation, our behaviour impacts immensley on those around us so it should be a positive impact.


Weird this should be a topic today as I just spent time with 2 sclero sufferes and we concluded that living with a chornic illness can actually be a positive experience bringing out abilities/determination you never knew you had.


You don't choose to be ill but you do choose how to live with it.


Take care.



Amanda Thorpe

ISN Sclero Forums Senior Support Specialist

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Amanda, you are so right. Having had SD for 26 years, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that I am much stronger, mentally, physically, spiritually than I could ever have imagined. I have learned to live each day to the fullest, to not sweat the small stuff, and to embrace family and friends. My joy in life is to have Sunday dinners with my sons and wives/girlfriends. My "job" in life is to be "Papa" to my 2 and 4 yr old grandsons. But my love in life is my wife of 10 years, who also has had SD for 15 years. There is something special when you don't have to explain all of the comings and goings of SD to your spouse...........cause she also understands.


Living with SD CAN be a positive experience..........but you have to choose to let it be one. "Can I be ill and happy?" Absolutely.

~ You have to think anyway.....you might as well think big

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Wow. Such a great article and a great reminder to live each day as it is and to the fullest.

I may have Scleroderma, but Scleroderma doesn't have me!

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