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A Juice For Gerd Sufferers

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Not a commercial, but wanted to share that I have finally found a fruit juice I can drink with no acid burn in esophagus and stomach. There's a new plum juice that is delicious and I can drink juice again! Seriously, fruit has been something that irritates either my throat, stomach or bowels for years ( I have CREST). I cannot eat most fresh fruits like apples, citrus, even bananas irritate my gastro system and sometimes I crave some fruit, so I am delighted that this is doable and enjoyable for me. Don't know if any of you have the severe GERD that I have (I take 2 nexiums a day and tums) but this feels like heaven for me.


Aside from vitamins, a daily ensure, I can barely tolerate what I call the white foods only- rice, pasta etc., so any new 'food' that doesn't hurt makes me happy.

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Guest Sherrill

Hi Judy,


I see you take Ensure. I have tried and tried to take that as my protein is always too low! But it always has the same effect of parking me in the bathroom for a large part of the day. The end result being less protein in me than before I took the Ensure! :(


The dietitian wants me to try a protein fortified fruit juice, but I have the same problem with too much, or practically any fruit juice. Send me over a sample please! :D

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I'll try the plum juice. Just checking to see if this shows up. I had a problem getting on earlier. Thanks Heidi for the help. Now I just have to figure out how to get to all the messages at once. Also, get past all the advertisements I might have this figured out. Will take me awhile to navigate this new program. Sheryl

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Hi Dave,


As it happens, we have guidelines about putting some brand names in messages, but Judith can answer your question privately by just selecting the "Send Me a Private Message" button at the bottom of your message.


Equally, you could just privately message (PM) Judith to ask her for the brand name, in the future, since Private Messages don't show up on the main forum board.


Right now, we are all learning the ropes of the new forum, so I thought it would be very helpful to actually post your reply here so people could learn from it.


You can try out the PM system at any time by private messaging me, to see how it works.

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