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Blood pressure issues

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I've had slightly elevated blood pressure, and I've pretty much been told not to worry about it. It is probably caused by stress the doctor says. I feel "funny". I actually saw a doctor back a couple months because I thought I was having trouble with chest congestion and breathing along with elevated blood pressure. I was given a prescription for "S" which in fine print says causes suicidal thoughts. I didn't take it, but nothing was said about the high blood pressure.


Yes, I'm currently stressed, but I've been under stress before and my blood pressure didn't get this high. I'm older, now 45, so is it age? I'm "just right" as far as weight goes. My cholesterol has been low, last reading was 140.


Today my blood pressure was borderline high, 140/80. Usually it is about 100/60 to 110/70.


Should I be making this a bigger issue? Anyone know much. I'm seeing an internist on Oct. 20 so I can ask then. The Gyn today said it was probably stress.


I'm taking low dose aspirin daily on the advice of my current rheumatologist, who doesn't think I have scleroderma, but admits I do have symptoms. He doesn't think I have any skin involvement, so it can't be scleroderma.

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Hello Mando 621


From your post I assume your doctor has never heard of scleroderma sine scleroderma which is scleroderma without skin involvement and I believe a member of this forum has it. Needless to say I am not making a diagnosis just pointimg out that your doctor may be in error if ruling out scleroderma only because you have no skin involvement.


With scleroderma kidney involvement can occur and high blood pressure is an indicator of kidney issues. Again I am not saying this is what is happening to you but you may wish to research these things further, there's no doubt information on this site I just don't know where, and discuss with your doctor.


Hope this helps and take care.



Amanda Thorpe

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<<Today my blood pressure was borderline high, 140/80. Usually it is about 100/60 to 110/70. >>


Hi Mando ,


One of the blood tests that was + for my son is called Anti-Polymerase 1/111. It means he has a higher risk of kidney involvement due to sclero. His doctor told me in the beginning that I will have to monitor his blood pressure and to let them know immediately if it should start to spike. Do you have a BP wrist band or are you near a local pharmacy that has one of those blood pressure chairs sitting there? I would go and get your pressure checked on a daily basis and keep tabs on it. If it continues to rise, then make sure your doctors know about it. Gareth doesn't have skin issues, either, just the + blood work for sclero.


Take care, Everyone.


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Hi Mando, Like the others have said I would keep an eye on it myself. My B.p started to rise a couple of years ago and I could also feel it (even though they say you don't). I went to my Dr. several times and each time it was rising. I was put on a med for it and have been fine since. About that time my creatinine shot up and GFR which is a reflection of kidney function went down. It has been stable since I was treated for it and I check it regularly when I'm out on those machines. I try to use different machines each time in case they are not working properly.


Hugs, Piper

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Hi, I'm having this problem too, not sclero-related I don't think, as I have morphea.

I've been seeing my general practitioner monthly since February because of it, I don't know how long it has been going on because my old general practitioner was very slack and never took my blood pressure. My BP is borderline, as my general practitioner calls it, and he is keeping a very close eye on it for now. It is usually 140/90, sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower... Stress certainly plays a huge role for me, but I'm not sure how seriously I should be taking this!


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