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Confused again

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Good morning ,


I had my follow up appointment yesterday with my Pulmonologist. To make a very long appointment and conversation short, my PFT showed a significant decrease in DLCO from the last one 6 months ago. The Pulmonologist said the reading is still in the normal range though. She also said we are ahead of that scleroderma and will stay ahead of it. Thanks to this lady, my Rheumatologist and GI Doctor they really are working together to improve some quality of life. My confusion comes from how can they tell if the decrease in DLCO is from ISSc, SLE (perhaps) or Raynauds. Doesn't each disease have a different pathology? Does anyone know or maybe you've had the same problem? We spoke briefly today about it with not many answers. It sure does complicate things. What to look for?!!!


My shortness of breath has improved about 75-80% so the change in GI meds is working and improving the pharyngeal irratation and reflux but there is still something I can feel that is different from that shortness of breath. Well we'll see if the DLCO continues to decline.


My pulmonologist also said I should see the nephrologist again because my BP's are everywhere from like 110/56 to 150/90. I will do that too. Has anyone had problems with their BP going from 150/90 to 110/60 in 1/2 hour with no pulse changes and still standing?


It is difficult trying to keep up with all these new symptoms almost everywhere. Is it my imagination or are things happening fast? Anyway I am up nursing my left deltoid muscle from the pneumonia shot the pulmologist gave to me today. She gave such a good shot I told her she should have become a nurse. Heard alittle chuckle. The local reaction is nasty; I forgot about how much that shot can hurt.


My best to you all,



A happy heart is good medicine.

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