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I guess some of you may have read my other posts. I am NOT diagnosed, suspect Sclero, have no ANA, bloodwork OK, no Raynauds.


Here a short question...


I have on one finger a fingertip where the skin feels like wax....(index finger, right hand). The whole skine feels more leathery of all fingers and particularly that one...but the tip of the index finger is totally smooth and feels hard like wax and even if I peel it off (was thicker too and in the bathtub I could peel some skin off) then it comes back as hard as before....after a week or so....


Is this how it normally starts....or does it start equally distributed over the whole hand....the other fingers are also slightly feel more like rubber...but not as hard as this one....



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Hi k, I think we all probably experience different patterns and sensations with skin hardening. I have skin cahnges on my fingertips, but to be honest don't know whether they appeared al together or one finger at a time - I wasn't really aware of it until the Dr pointed it out (I have a definite diagnosis of SSc) . Rather than being smooth as you describe, my fingertips feel hard but are not smooth , in fact they are rather pitted. They also feel extremely tender.



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