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Tightness in chest area.

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Hi everyone,


I have started to feel tight in my chest area from my cevical bone to above my chest. I don't see much difference when I look at it but it feels tight. It seems like it is more the tissue under the skin. Also in back of my neck , below my breast in ribs area, and tops of shoulders. It bothers me to raise my arms sometimes. My neck gets really stuff lately, which has been causing headaches.


Has anyone experienced any of these problems and what has helped him.


Thanks so much,


Nina Lynn

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Hi Nina,


Sorry you are feeling so ill. Do you have GI problems too? GI problems can cause chest discomfort in many areas including shoulder, neck, headaches and back pain. The part about not being able to raise your arms can be from muscle fatigue or fatigue in gerneral. Do you have an appoinment with your Doctor anywhere soon? I have found that we usually don't have just one thing going on at a time but a few. It trully makes for a confusing mess sometimes.


Hope you feel better soon. Keeping you in my thoughts.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Thanks so much for you reply. I have a doctor's appointment on the 12th of Nov. We are going to decide what kind of treatments to do for the sclero. I went to yoga last night and it seems to help. I still have been having headaches which is rare for me. I might be coming down with a cold or something.


Thanks again,

Nina Lynn

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