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I would like to find a book for lupus and for polymyositis written in non-medical terms (in other words, so that I can understand it). I already have an excellent book on scleroderma. I have been having some problems lately and my rheumatologist called and increased my predisone to 15 mg for a week and then down to 10mg until I see her on 11/5. She also increased my methotrexate back to 1cc from .8cc. She said the blood work I had done on 10/16 was slightly abnormal, but didn't give an detail.


Since I'm not sure if this kind of info is allowed to be given on this forum, please send any recommendations to [email protected] I would really appreciate it. Since I have mixed connective tissue disease I feel I need to keep up on these nasty little "goblins".


I hope everyone is enjoying what's left of this beautiful fall season. I'm not ready for the cold but there's always a way to manage.


Best to all,


Love makes the world go around!

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