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Hi Teresa,


Don't wait on this one, as you may already know, ulcers can be very painful. (to say the least). If you don't use the nitro-bid cream correctly, it won't work. Here's what I did and it worked. At night before bed, put the cream about a half inch around the BASE of the affected finger. (the part closer to the palm) cover it with a band-aid not too tight. Put some antibiotic ointment like neosporin on the ulcer. Sleep. Do it every night and also at another time during the day when you can let the finger rest, like if you're going to sit and read or watch tv for awhile. Good luck and like I said, treat this aggressively.

Good luck,



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I have found that those metal finger splints work well to protect the finger from being bumped. Found at any drug store cheap. Don't pick at your fingers and keep antibacterial cream on them.

They are a real pain and they seem to take a long time to heal!



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The last time I had finger ulcer trouble I got relief with Adalat (a calcium channel blocker) and Prazosin (also called Minipress, an alpha blocker).


Vasodilating drugs such as these and Viagra and Cialis can be very helpful. They can have the side effect of lowering blood pressure. Your doctor may avoid them because of this. A home pressure testing device can be useful to check on this. They are available at drug stores.


I've often found it necessary to do my own research, and confront the doctor with my own research and recommendations, asking the doctor what the problems would be if I took these medications. There may be very good reasons not to. But if your doctor won't have such a dialogue, get a new doctor!


Good luck,



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NEVER! :glare: Well with proper care, gloves, and medicine mine haven't healed. Although the pain tends to go away, but I always have an ulcer there. I hope yours at least start feeling better soon! I find that using lotion all the time really helps too. I used the nitro cream for about 2 months and it really didn't' do much for me although I used it correctly and regularly. Now I'm taking norvasc which helps a little, but looking to start something a little stronger.

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