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Shelley Ensz

ISN YouTube Videos about scleroderma!

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I applaud your ability to speak so eloquently. Speaking is what I do everyday in my job as a teacher. It is getting harder and harder to pronounce words correctly. Just today I was trying to say something, and I was really having a hard time getting my lips to move correctly to make it sound right. My students say I have a funny accent. I don't really have much of a funny accent for here in Wisconsin, but I am having trouble saying things I used to say without thinking. I find myself pursing my lips and closing my mouth between things I say, much like you did, to remoisten my mouth.


I'm not willing to share my problems at work yet, so I wouldn't be making a video. I am glad that you were willing to share so others can find out what it is like. I'm a little afraid of saying anything to my colleagues and students.



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Thank you for the compliment! I didn't realize how often I swallow in between talking until I watched the video. I had to gather my thoughts, press record and begin speaking without stopping. I admire teachers and lecturers for the work you do every day because it is not an easy job.


It took me many years before I felt comfortable enough to share my experience. Now, I'm a veteran of scleroderma and I wear it like an old shoe. I did the same thing when I was still working, I didn't tell everyone what I had (only my two partners and my lieutenant). I wanted to keep it private.




Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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