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Been Missing you all!

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Hi everyone!

I finally have a little time to check in.. I've missed you all so much and those chats! I'll have to try and make some time to come and chat. I hope everyone is feeling well and not in too much pain. And since it's starting tog et cold I hope everyone is staying warm!

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Actually I graduated in August, and moved to Seattle to be with my family for the time being.

I'm working out here as a software developer and tester. Will be here in the cold for a while since my husband is heading out to Iraq in January for 15 months or so. Things are ok though, except for the weather really is affecting me, no matter how warmly I dress. A few days ago at work I got really cold, and the people were nice enough to find me a company blanket to keep at my desk! And now it's on a search to find a new doctor, I think I'll try a specialist this time around. Hopefully I won't have any Issues seeing him.


How is everyone else doing?

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Oh omaeva,


It IS good to hear from you...congratulations on your graduation!


Yup, it can be very cold in Seattle, can't it? :P Sounds like you work around some thoughtful people...that's a good thing!


Good luck in your search for a doctor...great idea to try to get on with a specialist, too!


I am glad you are around family if your husband will be in Iraq, though...wishing him safety during his time there.


I'm still pluggin' along...caregiving my 82 yr-old mother, watching our youngest grandson on Mondays, husband begins cancer treatments...tomorrow, as a matter of fact. Anticipate between 28 and 42 radiation treatments and good outcome. Went to my first meeting called Man to Man and Side by Side, last Thursday night...with him... Will attend those once/month.


We not only live with my mother...as she didn't want to move in with us...We also live in the same town as most of our children, grands and great-grands!


Please try to check in a little more often if you are able?...So that we know you are doing okay?




Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Thanks, I actually found another dr there. I can't' tell you his name at the moment, but he's the one covered by my insurance. do they all work at the same office?

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his name is Jerry Mortimer. Only one there that showed up in my network for doctors. But I have a referral coming now, went to the regular pcm because of my insurance. Hopefully I can get in soon.


Are they pretty booked up there?

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Sounds like you've been busy! I loved my stay in Seattle and I must say the medical care at Virgina Mason Hospital was the best. Hope you connect with a good doctor.


Hugs, Razz

Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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