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Hi Cin,


It seems getting disability is either, hard or easy. I put off applying for two years because I was daunted by the process, and had a negative attitude thinking I wouldn't get it because I'd heard so many horror stories. I finally decided to do it. I had a phone interview, and was approved in 2 weeks. Lickety split, just like that. I kicked myself for waiting so long. Go for it!


First thing I did was gather all of my own records from ALL of my doctors. I then asked each one of them to write a letter of support for me. All did except my rheumatologist (go figure). I also bought a book to help assist me that is written by an attorney who helps people get disability. It really helped me understand the process and how to prepare for it. I feel it paid off. Once I had everything complied I called SSI and asked for an interview. It was as simple as that for me. I even got back pay for 18 months.


I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you along the way. First thing I will tell you is to call SS and tell them you are "thinking" about filing a claim, so they can "save the date". That's because you only have so long to apply once you stop working. (sorry can't remember how long - I think 2 years)


Best to you!

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Hi cin,


I can add nothing more to what has already been offfered by the ladies who have posted here.


I was very fortunate, in that my rheumatologist had wanted me to go on disability two years before I actually did. As soon as I asked her, she immediately took care of the paperwork necessary and in no time, I was approved for disability.

As has been mentioned, going on medical leave for your surgery and not having the ability to return to work, will be excellent documentation.


I am so glad you found us and have posted!

This is an awesome community, so full of loving, caring and supportive folks, both men and women who always prove very helpful!


So, I welcome you and hope that you find ease in filing your disability claim.

Keep posting and let us know how things are going, cin?

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