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hi everyone, so razz does that mean that if you even go into remission will your hands stay that way? my fingers are fat and have a curl in em I can't make a fist but nor can I straighten em. I guess I'd like to know how many sclero hands get fully distorted like razz's as opposed to how many hands stay where mine are at. I can't even begin to think how tuff life must be for you with your sclerodactyly. hugs georgette

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I had symptoms for Scleroderma for over ten years and I was officially diagnosed in March 2004. I believe I am in remission. I took Cellcept 3000 mg for over two years. I have damage to lungs and esophagus which cannot be reversed. My skin is normal now. I have Raynaud's, but I take medication for Raynaud's in winter months only for 3-4 months. I regularly do yoga, breathing exercises, and walk for 2-3 miles a day. I also try to do activities I enjoy which have helped me to come out of severe depression.


So no scleroderma medications, and no depression medications anymore.

Kind regards,





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