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Anyone with tonsil/throat problems?

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Today I woke up with what I describe as a rock in my throat. About 3 months ago I noticed one tonsil getting larger than the other one. doctors told me it was normal and it did not look inflammed. However, when the roof of my mouth and throat became inflamed (fibrosis or GERD I don't know), my tonsil started bothering me to the point where today it hurts really bad, not only when I swallow. If I swallow saliva it hurts really bad; not too bad with food.


Anyone had anything like this?

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Hi aka79,


I have had a sore throat for a couple months now. It gets better some times then goes back to being red and inflamed. My doctor did a strep test and it was negative, now she thinks it is from the reflux. I don't feel like it is from reflux but just part of some kind of flare my body goes through. I think it also is do to having a dry mouth a lot.


Hope it gets better.

Nina Lynn

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Guest Soaring Eagle

I haven't had tonsil problems, but I have a "scratchy, burning" throat and difficulty swallowing (pills hang up...). This is one of the reasons they are testing me for Sjogren's because, like Nina Lynn, I have a very dry mouth (& eyes). I've also been treated for Herpes Simplex virus (it is my understanding that long-tern steroid use can sometimes cause this) which gave some relief to the mouth and throat pain, and I am also being treated for re-occurring thrush. They (GI and Infectious Diseases specialist he referred me to) said the virus and the thrush could also be contributing to the sore throat.


Hope you get to feeing better.


Soaring Eagle

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I have suffered from sore throats since I was a child, If anyone mentioned a sore throat, sure enough , I was most likely to get one. My tonsils are always large, one time my throat was so sore I couldn't even swallow water, it felt like I had glass in my throat. My local doctor gave me penicillin injections everyday for a week before it went.


I have not felt any hardness or anything weird like that.


Take carre


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