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I have been diagnosed with generalized morphea and at times feels it is something more. My diagnosis came through a biopsy and looking at the skin. I have heard it is hard to distinguish generalized morphea from diffused scleroderma. For those of you that may not know what morphea is, its basically localized scleroderma, Only suppose to be skin involvement though it could involve up to 2 other (as I have read) i think it says internal things.


So far I have negative ana, ( but I havent been back to the doctor for 4 months, no raynauds yet but alot of issues with tenderness and finger tips feeling funny. Other things I have noticed is I used to have long strong fingernails but they have become brittle, and appear the part that is connected to the finger is getting smaller, which makes the whole nail smaller. My fingers are thicker in the morning and by noon they are thinned and darker color, and sort of a leathery look to the skin. When I stretch out my fingers like we did when we were kids making the turkey fingers to draw around the palm feels tight and pulls at my thumbs. The finger connections to the palms and top of hands is slightly swollen in those areas.


. I have never really heard that morphea can do all these things, does this sound familiar to any of you and what kind of scleroderma do you have? Thanks for your help. Sharon

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