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Scleroderma and surgery

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I was wondering if anyone has had to have surgery for another condition other than sclero. I imagine for us it can get complicated.

Before I was diagnosed with SSc; I had scheduled surgery for Nov 17th to remove a large ovarian cyst due to endometriosis. I have to have this surgery no matter what; but my doctors have told me to hold off. I am not sure what to expect with this situation.

Any input is appreciated.



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I hope you are able to get the surgery out of the way - as soon as possible.



I've had a couple small surgeries since diagnosis. The only thing unusual for me was slow healing of a scar where my skin is tight/affected. My doctors were cautious, though. Had to have lots of heart and lung tests before-hand so they were confident they knew my state-of-health.


I am curious to hear what others have experienced.



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Hi Ana & TRS ,


My son had surgery July 15 for a pilonidal cyst and still has the open wound that was suppose to heal from the inside out. It is taking FOREVER to close and his surgeon tells me it has nothing to do with the UCTD/sclero since he is on Plaquenil and fine otherwise. This week, he had an open wound from cellulitis about an inch from his surgery and that will also have to heal from the inside out. On Thurs, I went against his surgeons advice and took him to the Wound clinic to get help. That doctor told me his UCTD/sclero would affect his healing. It has been a long and painful 3 months for him.


Take care, Everyone.


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Having scleroderma scares everyone. I had esophageal spasm and I ended up in a hospital for complete heart testing for 3 days.


Early this year I had Toupet Fundoplication to control my acid reflux. Normally, doctors will release same day, but I was kept in intensive care unit for overnight observation.


Also, my surgery has been fairly successful in reducing acid reflux episodes during day time.


My Demister score went down from 85 to 37. Still it is high compared to people without acid reflux (around 14), but it has definitely improved my quality of life.

Kind regards,





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