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Lung issues and neck sign

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Here are a couple questions for all of you.


When checking for lung involvement with scleroderma, is listening with a stethoscope the best way to see if there are any breathing problems? Doctor after doctor has listened to my breathing with a stethoscope and found no trouble, meaning there wasn't congestion causing funny sounds.


I've had a chest xray pretty recently and it came back pretty normal. I feel breathless at times, and I find myself taking deep breaths for no apparent reason. I don't feel congestion, but I don't think that is the cause of breathing problems if fibrosis is occuring in the lungs. I also have a tickling in my lungs at times. One doctor prescribed an asthma medicatin that I'm not willing to take at this time. It can cause severe depression and suicidal thoughts, and I'm pretty low already.


Another question. I have what might be called a rash on my neck. My neck is red just at the juncture between my neck and chest. I can see white like bumps throughout the area. My gyn. even mentioned it, asking what the rash was. Is this sclero neck sign?


Thanks so much.



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hi , I can't help you with your lung question ,but I can tell you that when I'm in a flare up I get those little white bumps on my torso and legs at first I thought they were spider bites but there were no puncture wounds they were very itchy too they subside after 10 minutes , does anyone else get these whilte itchy bumps ? or does any one know what they are ? hugs georgette

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To monitor my lungs the only test my rheumatologist orders is a Pulmonary Function Test - as long as it is normal she orders once a year to track their function.


The PFT info she wants:

Lung Volumes


and Gas Transfer


Hopes this helps.


Diffused Scleroderma

Diagnosed Dec/06

First Sympton Nov/05

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Hi Mando, listening with a stethoscope is a part of examining for lung problems but is certainly not enough. I have PFTs and chest CT.


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Thank you for your replies. I'm going to have a swallow study soon, when I get back to the doctor to discuss the results, I'm going to ask about getting a PFT baseline at least.



I saw information on the medical site about neck sign, and I found the pictures on the dermatologist site less than helpfull.


Neck sign was suppose to be able to be seen when the head is hyper extended. I'm not sure what a person should look for because nothing looks to out of the ordinary on the pictures. I noticed my neck was looking funny last summer especially. If I get in the sun you can really see the spotting. I call it chicken skin. I can see bumps that look white, and around that area the skin is slightly reddened.


Nice to hear from you.




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Hi Mando,


It is so difficult sometimes trying to understand the medical field. Just keep telling them you think something is changing. I have been looking for good pictures of the neck sign and wondering what it was too. This disease has so many different presentations to it, it makes it extremely difficult to keep up with and what to watch for. Good luck with your swallowing study and your PFT's and insist on having one. If you find any good pictures of the neck please let me know. Thanks.


With gentle thoughts.



A happy heart is good medicine.

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Hello Mando


Listening to the chest does not tell the whole story. For me it suggests diastolic murmur wheras echo shows no murmur. Presumably the same can apply to just listening to the lungs.


Getting a baseline is a good idea, something to work from.


I hope your low mood improves.


Take care.



Amanda Thorpe

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